Have you ever clicked skip ad > on YouTube?
We can promote your video by putting it there!

Just imagine having your video promoted before Lady Gaga, Drake, Coldplay – or whatever keywords you choose.

Youtube Ads
Youtube Ads
Youtube Ads

You can target by country, keywords, age, gender and more.

YouTube has a variety of targeting options to advertise your video and help you reach the right audience.

What does video advertising cost?

$0.01 – $0.03 per view

from South America, Mexico, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.

$0.03 – $0.05 per view

from The USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.

What do you need to start the YouTube ads campaign?

Why do we collect money?

  • We collect only a small fee (5%) for starting and maintaining your campaign. The rest goes to Google AdWords which provides the ability to show your video on YouTube as Ads.
  • After completing the payment you will be redirected to the form which should be filled out with the information about your music.
  • You can also send us the information using the contact form if you’re not redirected to the form.

Please, contact us if we don’t answer you within 48 hours.

1000 – 2000+ views.

The best way to try it.

One-time payment, 2 – 7 days campaign.

7 000 – 10 000+ views.

For those who know!

One-time payment, 4 – 10 days campaign.

Please contact us to start a larger Youtube Ads campaign.

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