SoundCloud Reposts by Music Producers working in your genre!

Our targeted repost chain pushes your music to relevant audience.

How It Works:

  • Users and Music producers that work in your specific genre will repost your music.
  • It means all their followers will see your track in streams/timelines.
  • Proof! You will be able to see and review all channels that reposted your music on a repost page of your track.
  • There’re big channels dedicated to music promotion, successful producers, and many more interested people in our SoundCloud Repost Chain.
  • The summary of followers in our chain is up to 300000+ and it grows daily.

Since reposts are from real users and channels working in your genre you will get:

  • The SoundCloud’s algorithm pushes your track to Related Tracks section, SoundCloud Weekly, and Stations.
  • You will get a large amount of engagement – meaning more plays, likes, and comments and in turn even more algorithm recommendations to the wider SoundCloud user base.
  • We guarantee reposts by real channels. Likes, followers, comments, e.t.c – depends on the music you provide.
  • You will be able to see all reposts on the repost page of your track. You can manually review every channel that interacts with your music and make sure it’s a real person.
  • We highly recommend answering to comments in order to build a connection with new fans.
  • Don’t expect millions of plays. It’s an organic music promotion, safe, and algorithm friendly. If your track is “right one”, SoundCloud algorithms will do the magic.
  • Never buy plays or any other fake promotions. SoundCloud’s algorithms will ignore your track and demonetize streams.

300000+ Followers in sum!

How To Order The SoundCloud Repost Service:

It’s important to have track genre set to one of standart SoundCloud genres. For example House, Hip-Hop, Rock and so on. If your track hase a custom made genre like “MyOwnGenre”,  please set it for one of the standart SoundCloud genres. You can set it back after promotion is finished.

If you don’t know how to do it, please visit SoundCloud genres help page

  • We need a direct SoundCloud link to your song. No sets or playlists.
  • Don’t use “Custom” genres. If your genre is not a standard one it means you will get recommended to fewer users. We recommend you change the genre on SoundCloud to any “standard” ones like EDM, Hip-Hop, Country, Rock, Pop, and so on.
  • Your track should have visible stats, enabled comments, embed allowed.

Why do we collect money?

  • We have to spend time developing and maintaining our network. We connect channels to our SoundCloud Repost Chain, serve orders, and answer questions via support emails.
  • These payments help us keep the project alive where artists have a safe place for getting music heard by real people.
  • After completing the payment you will be redirected to the form which should be filled out with the information about your music.
  • You can also send us the information using the contact form if you’re not redirected to the form.
  • You can find your music yourself on our accounts as listed above, however, we also send you links to ensure you find them quickly and easily.
  • Follow our channels to watch for your music being reposted as a music fan! You can unfollow at any time.
  • Contact us if you don’t receive a confirmation after 48 hours.

One song.

Best way to try.

$25 | Buy now!

One time payment, 2 – 7 days campaign.

Big campaign for 1 song or split up to 3 tracks.

Save 20%.

$60 | Buy now!

One time payment, 4 – 12 days campaign.

Contact us if you need a large campaign for the hole channel or monthly subscription.


➦ Real or Fake?

  • A variety of similar Music Promotion services on the Internet promise you thousands of views/subscribers but cannot show where they came from. You can see our SoundCloud repost chain and it’s 100% real people.
    In fact, you can check it yourself by visiting all of our pages where we repost your music. You can even follow those pages to see your posts as music fans do!
  • SoundCloud shows all reposts on the repost page of your track. You can manually review every channel that interacts with your music during our Repost Campaign and make sure it’s a real person.
  • After reposting, we always send you links to all of our SoundCloud Promotion pages where you can find your music.
  • Never buy SoundCloud plays/followers or any other fake Music Promotions. SoundCloud’s algorithms will ignore your track and demonetize streams.
  • Every day we connect new SoundCloud channels to our Repost Chain in order to increase the audience we can provide for your music exposure.