We share your music to leading music websites and associated social networks!

Works best for Spotify promotion, SoundCloud, Reverbnation, Youtube and any other platforms.

Meet our partners’ music websites

where we post your music:

What to expect:

  • Your music will be posted on one of our partners’ music websites listed above.
  • We create a page dedicated to your song, which has a permanent link and will be indexed by Google, Yahoo, and other major search engineering platforms.
  • For the first couple of days the page will be featured on the main page of the Website.
  • We feature all the information about the song, including links to your social network pages and more.
  • The link to your music and your social network profiles will be posted on the partitioned page, surrounded by major music news from major artists.
  • Your music will be posted to associated social networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc) which have 200000 + followers.
  • Post news to your fans about being featured on a lead music website.
  • This is a great chance to show that things are happening with your project!
Your music will be seen by all our social network pages. We also share it to our partners’ networks ~ 300000 + users.
  • The page where your music will be posted, has a widget with the latest music news.
  • Every new topic on the website pushes old pages to the suggestion section and search results.
  • Being on a popular music website means your music is always at the center of attention.
  • We put all links to your main accounts in the post.
  • At any time you can ask to have new links added, or change anything.

SEO is a definition of how search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) see a content.

  • Being posted on high ranking websites greatly increases the flow of users from search engines to your page.

What do you need to start ?

  • We highly recommend submitting links to SoundCloud, Spotify, Reverbnation, YouTube  and other free listening platforms. Usually, people don’t pay to listen to music they don’t know.
  • However, we can post any link to your song.
  • This is optional. We can post just the link to the song.
  • We highly recommend you provide us with links to social network accounts, a song description, short bio, and so on. We can post it to the page where your music will be featured.

How do we spend the money ?

  • We keep only 10% – 20% to maintain an office and small team of developers.
  • The rest goes to advertise your music using paid advertising services from leading platforms like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter.

After completing the payment you will be redirected to the form which should be filled out with the information about your song/music

Please contact us if you have any problems.

If we don’t answer you within 48 hours, please check a spam folder or contact us.

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