Visibly the most honest promotion for musicians.

Why? Because you can see the results!

  • We repost your music on popular SoundCloud accounts where people follow to listen to new music. We then ask them to rate songs by reposting or marking them as favorites.

  • You can see all accounts and posts! You can even follow these accounts yourself to see your music just as your fans do.
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Youtube Ads
  • Your videos appear before other popular videos on YouTube, alongside playing videos (skippable ads), and in search results.
  • You only pay when someone engages with your videos. If they skip them before 30 seconds you don’t pay a cent.
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Youtube Ads
  • Hand-picked base, representing a wide array of genres from more than 24 countries.
    Radio and TV companies base. 2900 contacts.
    Music labels, Distributors, Publishers base. 1000 contacts.
    Music reviewers, Bloggers, Magazines base. 1490 contacts.
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