We repost your music on popular SoundCloud pages.

We then send direct messages to active fans and ask to like, share, repost, or mark new songs as favorites.

General music styles SoundCloud repost network:

150000+ Followers!

Rap, Hip-Hop SoundCloud repost channels:

200000+ Followers!

What do I need to start?

  • We need direct SoundCloud link to your song. No sets or playlists.
  • Why do we collect money? We collect a small fee for this service to help us maintain and expand the community of people who are committed to helping musicians every day.
  • Please, press Finalize Your Order (orange button) after completing the payment. Here is the example:

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 8.20.14 PM copy

  • You will be redirected to the form which should be filled out with the information about your song/music
  • You can find your posts yourself on our accounts as listed above, however we also send you links to ensure you find them quickly and easily.
  • Follow us to watch for your posts as a music fan! You can unfollow at any time.

Repost to all accounts is only $19.

We’ll share your music to more than 200000+ music lovers!

$19 | Buy now!

What will I get?

  • A variety of similar services on the Internet promise you views/subscribers and so on but cannot show you where they came from. Our community is 100% real!
    In fact, you can check it yourself by visiting all of our pages where we repost your music. You can even follow those pages to see your posts as music fans do!
  • After reposting, we always send you links to all of our pages where you can find your music. 
  • We promote our pages every day to increase the audience we can provide for your music.
  • Quantity of views/plays depends on the music you provide.
  • Our submitters usually receive between 1000 – 6000 views or more within 24 – 72 hours after having music posted.
  • We don’t delete your music from our pages after the initial promotion process has finished. You will keep getting new viewers all the time.
  • Quantity of likes, comments and so on depends on the music you provide. Usually you will get between 10 – 30 likes, comments and so on.
  • Be ready to receive negative comments or dislikes. Our community consists of 100% real people and they’re free to express their opinions. Fortunately, most people comment only if they like something. If they don’t – they just pass by.

Please, contact us if you have any questions